when a man's knowledge is not in order
the more of it has the greater will be
his confusion...

Friday, July 06, 2007

goodbye to you....

5th July 2007...once again someone tender a resignation letter.
so sad...when we know that one of us will be leaving us...
bt...still people needs changes through life...in fact the
changes really need courage for someone to believe in what
they want to do...for their life.

kak lina, someone that really make my life easier at HD.
thought me a lot of things, sometimes give me courage,
even tho not in direct bt still it meant a lot.

being at HD, i gone through a lot of things. sometimes
happy n sometimes bad, i understand her situation. it
is hard to deal with, but it is world of working. never
be easy for all the way up or down. maybe this is the
right time for her to make a move, i dunno, bt i'm
quite sure, she is...

to kak lina, i always hope that you will find your
true place that you will feel happy. may peace always
be with you...Insyaallah...

and kak lina, thank you a lot...for always give me
direction, laughter and 'gaji cepat' he...he..he...
and i really mean it...thank you soooo much....

sayonara anego!!!

"life is like a taxi. the meter just keeps a ticking
whether you are getting somewhere or just standing
-Lou Erickso-


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